Real Products That Exist: Flushin' Frenzy, A Toilet Plunging Game For Kids

March 20, 2019


This is the Flushin' Frenzy game that somehow made it into production from Mattel (~$13 on Amazon). You just push the flush lever to roll the die and determine how many times you have to plunge the toilet, then try to catch the anthropomorphic turd as it launches out the back of the tank. Wait -- what was it doing back there in the first place? I'll be the first to admit I'm terrible at using the bathroom but even I know turds don't belong in the tank. I thought this was a game to teach kids about restroom etiquette and basic plumbing, now I'm not sure what it is. Let's dig a little deeper:

Game night just got gross - in the best way!

Flushin' Frenzy makes being a plumber fun! Push the toilet handle to release the die. When a number pops up, you plunge the toilet that number of times. Be ready to catch the poop when it flies out at any moment! POOP - there it is! The player to catch the poop wins a token, or two tokens if they catch it in mid-air! Set includes 1 toilet, 1 plunger, 1 die, and 10 score tokens.

CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Hahahha, choking hazard. Man....if I ever find myself choking on a turd I don't care if I forgot my 'Do Not Resuscitate' bracelet at home, I want you to pretend like you didn't see me. Please, just let me go.

Keep going for several more shots (including a kid waving a poop like it's a winning lotto ticket) and a video while I hide some of those blue score tokens in my mouth to make cheating easier.





Thanks to Aaron, who agrees this is probably just going to scare children away from very lucrative careers in plumbing the same way Operation did to surgeons.

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