Oh The Humanity: Tractor Trailer Carrying Full Load Of Modelo Beer Drives Off Highway Overpass Near Los Angeles

March 7, 2019


This a shot and some video of the aftermath of an 18-wheeler carrying a full load of 24-ounce Modelo beer cans driving off a westbound 10 Freeway overpass in West Covina, about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Apparently the driver was attempting to exit the freeway "when the truck toppled over the side of the road and rolled down an embankment." Thankfully, there were no serious human injuries as a result. When reached for comment about the incident, I was too busy to respond because I was already fashioning a very official looking Highway Safety uniform and catching the next flight into LAX.

Keep going for two videos: a short one and an entirely too long one of helicopter footage.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees it's 100% coincidence I bought a spike strip online last week, you can't prove anything.

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