Oh, Just A Few Videos Of The Highly Venomous Six-Eyed Sand Spider Burying Themselves

March 29, 2019

These are several videos of the highly venomous six-eyed sand spider burying themselves in the substrate to await some prey to ambush. Did you know the southern Africa native six-eyed sand spider have extremely necrotic (killing cells and tissue) venom and "can survive a year without a meal or even a drop to drink"? Ahahahaha, shit! If your kids are bad, you should show them these videos to straighten them out. If your kids are good, you should show them these videos to keep them that way. You should just show your kids these videos. Just do it already, what's another lifelong fear really?

Keep going for the videos you should show your kids, and don't forget to mention the part about how venomous they are and how they can go a year without eating or drinking.

Thanks to Jody, who agrees I've probably got a solid slap coming when I show these to my girlfriend when we're relaxing on the couch.

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