No Thanks: Diver Briefly Gets Stuck In Whale's Mouth

March 12, 2019

Seen here doing his best Johah impression, this is a video of 51-year old dive tour operator Rainer Schimpf discussing being accidentally (and thankfully only very briefly) stuck in the mouth of a Bryde's whale while it was feeding during a sardine run off the coast of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Wow -- that must have been exhilarating. Still *opens wallet, double checks tattered bar napkin* nope, not on my bucket list. "That's just a doodle of some boobs." It's a bucket list AND a vision board.

Keep going for the video with much more description.

Thanks to Happy, who agrees ol' Rainer should have kindly asked the whale to take him to Atlantis. You blew it, bro! A once in a lifetime opportunity and you choked.

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