Nailed It: Drunk Woman Tries To Jump Block On Scooter

March 8, 2019


"Thank God that wasn't me." -- the girl on the left

This is a super short video of a drunk woman (at least that's what the video says, which I half believe based on her overconfidence performing tricks on a scooter I assume she's also never ridden before) trying to jump a white lump (thankfully not a cat) on the floor and failing miserably. Obviously, if this girl's friends care about her at all they'll never let her rent one of those electric Bird or Lime scooters or she'll almost certainly wind up just another statistic to be used by anti-scooter lobbyists.

Keep going for the video while I speculate if anybody at that party had a crush on this girl prior to watching her crash and burn and then immediately opening their Tinder app.

Thanks to Nirit, who agrees if bunnies all hopped like that, there would be a lot less bunnies.

  • Andrew

    Dang Geekologie that was a pretty dumb post.

  • Jaquelyn

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  • GeneralDisorder

    Someone should put the Mortal Kombat "well done" sound effect at the end. I'd do it but I'm a liar and I actually wouldn't. Video editing is not my thing

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