Mousr, An Autonomous Robotic Cat Toy With Artificial Intelligence to Entertain Your Cat

March 8, 2019

These are several shots and a couple promo videos of Mousr, a $150 autonomous cat toy with on-board artificial intelligence that knows when the cat has it, how to navigate out of tight spaces, and when the cat is done playing. The robot includes a smartphone companion app to change the robot's playstyle or game mode directly, or if you want to drive the Mousr yourself. It can operate on most surfaces, has sensors to navigate through tight spaces, and comes with two different tails (a fabric 'bounce' tail and feather 'flick' tail) in case your cat prefers one to the other, or just to spice things up every once in a while. I just bought one for my cat, and I have to admit: I'm pretty sure she's afraid of it. "Does she at least like the box it came in though?" Oh, LOVES it.

Keep going for a few shots and the videos.





Thanks to blue16, who agrees there should be some sort of 90-day trail period trail period so you don't have to find out if this is right for your cat or your next yard sale the expensive way.

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