Man Uses Images Captured By NASA's InSight Mars Lander To Create Timelapse Of A Martian Sunset

March 15, 2019


This is a timelapse video of a Martian sunset created by 'space artist' Donald E Davis using a series of photos recently captured by NASA's InSight Mars lander. I'm gonna be honest, it's pretty hazy and bleak looking. Definitely not the sort of sunset you'd be hoping to see when you're on a tropical beach vacation with that special someone. And probably not one you could post on Instagram to make everyone jealous. Except me, because you're on Mars and I'm stuck here at work with a bunch of jerks I have to spend every weekday with. "Hiya, coworker pal -- mind giving me a hand putting these new supplies away?" Only if you choke on a ballon and die first, Greg.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who wants to see what a sunset on Mercury looks like. Same, BUT IN PERSON.

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