Man Destroys Delicate Ice Sculpture Trying To Move It

March 5, 2019


Come on, don't grab it by the fin! Oh, OH -- nevermind.

This is a short video from North Adams, Massachusetts of an ice sculptor trying to move a fish he recently carved and breaking the whole thing. In his own words while I point and laugh but deep down really just feel sorry for him and wish this hadn't happened:

"I did a fish ice sculpture for a local winter event. I was moving it away from the window in case it would fall from melting. That's no longer a concern as the sculpture took a dive after a thin supporting piece broke off."

Well at least he's got a sense of humor about it all. Still, I can't help but feel that an ice sculptor shouldn't have developed a safer method for moving his art. I mean it's kinda part of the job. That's like baking a wedding cake but having no clue how you're gonna get it to the reception. "Your friends were pissed, weren't they?" Their eight year anniversary is coming up and they still haven't talked to me.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DT, who agrees Humpty Dumpty feels that fish's pain.

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