Man Backs SUV Through Doors Of Closed Beer Store To Steal Three Beers

March 20, 2019


Because there aren't any walls strong enough (until jail) to keep this man away from a few after-hours brewskis, this is some surveillance footage from a Delaware County (Delco), Pennsylvania beer distributor of a man backing his SUV through the store's doors, then proceeding to steal three Bud Ice tallboys and leaving, a move that will now and forever be known as a Delco beer run.

UPDATE: Added some much clearer footage from another angle that might as well be a mugshot.

Keep going the video while I speculate if he was apprehended two hours later while crawling back through the mess he made for some more cold ones.

Thanks to MSA, who informed me Delco operates by its own rules and I can only assume Closet Nerd would agree.

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