Licky Kitty: Sleeping Cat Goes On A Licking Frenzy

March 7, 2019

This is a short and sweet video from South Africa of a cat deep in sleep having a licking frenzy. In her owner's own words while I lick all the buttons on the copier and then lie about straight to the face of anybody who saw me do it. Nuh-uh, I was just blowing on them:

"I usually stick to what the vet said and give no human food, only her dry pellets, and wet meaty food. But a diet is also meant to be broken now and then. So we gave her a tiny amount of the only human food she will actually eat/lick, Ice cream and whipped cream. She gets super excited when she hears the whipped cream bottle opening. So when I saw her licking like that in her sleep, I thought she must be dreaming about Ice cream or cream. She may even be dreaming about chasing buffalos and eating one, as she sometimes thinks she's the queen hunter. Who knows with her."

So do you think it's actually dreaming of licking ice cream and whipped cream? Or -- OR -- do you think it was Fancy Feast?! "Its own genitals." My God you sure know how to ruin everything, don't you? Just seek and destroy.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Irina A, who you hands down want in your survival party in the event the apocalypse can be weathered solely by watching cat videos.

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