Landing Paraglider Gets Punched In Face By Kangaroo

March 20, 2019


Because what more Australian way to say welcome back to earth like a punch to the face (other acceptable welcome homes: venomous snake bite, landing in a crocodile's mouth, finding out your paraglider is just a giant spider), this is a video of paraglider Jonathan Bishop landing in the Orroral Valley of southeastern Australia when a kangaroo spots him and bounces over to give him the old 'You've Got Something On Your Chin.' The way it came straight for him, that kangaroo was committed to punching this man. And those claws it has -- no thank you. Maybe next time Jonathan will think twice before landing in the middle of Fight Club.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Greenphant, who agrees this is exactly why shouldn't even be allowed to paraglide in Australia without wearing a kangaroo costume.

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