Katamari Damacy Prince And Ball Plushie With Magnets Inside To Collect Things

March 8, 2019


These are the officially licensed Katamari Damacy Prince and Ball Plushies available from Fangamer ($36 for the set). They both stand around 8-inches tall and the Prince's hands and the ball's nipples have embedded magnets in them so you can make the ball actually grow with things like *eying picture* scissors and screwdrivers and darts? Wait is this a weapon?

Keep going for a shot prior to the ball rolling through a box of police evidence.


Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees you might as well roll the ball around in guns and knives then catapult over your enemy's castle wall.

  • Douchy McDouche

    Put toy in the middle of a room. Throw large amount of thumbtacks all over the floor. Say "I want to play a game" in Jigsaw's voice and lock your kid inside.

  • Deksam

    The toy doll thing there, never seen or heard of it before, don't care if I ever see it again.

  • Wooder

    Roll it in something dangerous and then play dodgeball with your SLOW friends!
    The game comes with its own Waiver kit for your friends to sign.

  • Ivanna Pewpalott
  • GeneralDisorder

    Thanks Gollum. I needed that reality check.

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