I Am Into This: The Astronaut Spacewalk Lamp

March 22, 2019


This is the $30 Astronaut Lamp designed by Paladone and available from ThinkGeek. Sure it's not the most realistic astronaut lamp I've ever seen (that moon isn't even cheese and is completely out of proportion!) but it will still certainly add a little SPACE FLAVOR to any room. And you know how I feel about space flavor. "You love it even more than ranch." Haha, well let's not get crazy but yes it's up there, top five at least. Now, as an accomplished space ranger myself, I'd now like to open the floor to space related questions. You sir -- there with the hat. "I wasn't raising my hand." What's it like making love in zero gravity? Good question. And let me tell you -- way cooler than making love underwater. "Ursula?" Oh I'm sorry I thought you weren't asking questions.

Keep going for one more shot with the lights on, a gif of the astronaut moonwalking, and a video unboxing from the company that makes it.


Thanks to Ryan MN, who agrees every room needs a little space in it.

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