How To: Mod A My Little Pony Toy Into A Soldering Iron

March 8, 2019


This is a video of Bob Noren ofYouTube channel Barb Makes Things detailing how she mods My Little Pony toys with soldering irons inside. It really doesn't look too complicated and is allegedly able to be completed by anyone "with even the most basic soldering and rotary tooling skills." Unfortunately that does not include me, because I have very few skills in this life besides making fun of other customers at bars and restaurants, and getting beat up by other customers at bars and restaurants. "What happened to your face?" A guy who I said looked just like Barney Rubble, which he did. "Damn." He punched just like Popeye though.

Keep going for the video.


Thanks again to Christina D, who agrees I should try this with my brother's vintage Star Wars action figures, which I'm going to.

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