Holy Smokes: A Graphic Of Some Of The Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

March 15, 2019


This is a graphic created by @LoriLewis and @OfficiallyChadd for Visual Capitalist showing some of the things that happen on the internet every sixty seconds (on average). I wouldn't really call it a pie chart since all the pieces are all the same size with vastly different values, it's more just a graphic. Is it accurate? No clue, although I find it hard to believe only $996,956 are spent on the internet every minute. That seems low in my opinion, and my opinion is actually much more fact than it is opinion. The other values seem a lot more quantifiable. Of course they failed to include that every forty minutes the Geekologie Writer accidentally mass emails a steamy love letter meant for his girlfriend to all his coworkers. They've started printing them out and sticking them to the fridge in the break room so people have something to read while they're microwaving their lunches. I hope you ordered a crazy boner with that Lean Cuisine, Greg.

Keep going for a comparison to 2018's numbers.


Thanks to Lydia, who agrees the internet is a terrifying place, and thank God for safe havens like Geekologie.

  • Mary Hunt

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  • Bling Nye

    I hate infographics that don't cite data sources. Too often people are willing to believe whatever a pretty picture tells them without looking beyond it.

    Goddamn, I am way too grumpy for a Friday afternoon. Time to chill.

  • Douchy McDouche

    But what about PornHub?

  • ChungLingSoo

    Exactly what I was thinking. How much porn is being viewed every 60 seconds.

  • Minerva

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  • Mr. Ordinary

    How are 600,000+ hours of Netflix watched in a minute? What is it saying?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Are you not familiar with the concept of man-hours? That's what they're saying. That there's 600k man-hours watched.

  • Mr. Ordinary

    No, I've never heard the term "man-hours" in all my life. Thanks for your answer. I get it now.

  • Smeg

    Hey, Lean Cuisines are pretty good as far as microwave meals go. Now stop shaming me for my boner, ok?

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