Hold My Beer -- Jk jk I'll Hang On To It: Idiots Purposefully Drive ATV Right Into Pond

March 26, 2019


This is a clip of some intrepid beer-guzzling adventurers driving their Polaris ATV into a pond (complete with daredevil hanging onto the roof), presumably because enough cold ones made them think that was a good idea. As is evidenced in the video, it was not, and they didn't even make it halfway across. Still, I thought the real craziest thing about the whole ordeal is how a group of guys who were convinced this was going to be a good idea even have the money for a sweet-ass ATV like that. And here I am making smart, well informed life decisions and I can't even afford to fix a flat on my electric scooter. "The electric scooter you modded with a Tesla motor to go 600MPH?" Haha, yeah....hey have you seen my face anywhere?

Keep going for the video, which cuts off before their bodies start floating to the surface.

Thanks to Darren, who agrees when in doubt, drive it into a pond.

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