Heck Yeah, Sorcery: Magic Array Wireless Chargers

March 21, 2019

These are several video demonstrations of the Magic Array Wireless Phone Charger (~$44 on Amazon, but probably available elsewhere). You just put your wireless charging enabled phone in the center of the circle and the magic symbols light up with some sound effects to let you know your phone is charging, and presumably summon some demons for good measure. No word if the addition of a small blood sacrifice will enable quick charging, but I have a roommate filled with more than his fair share who doesn't know he's gonna help me find out.

Keep going for the videos while I troubleshoot why my magic array charger isn't working. "Your phone is like ten years old." So? "So you probably need to microwave the charger first to make it compatible." Now you're making sense!

Thanks to Luc, who, like me, is holding out for a model where you can change all the light colors.

  • Yaron

    As a native Hebrew-speaker I can tell you the Hebrew letters there have no meaning and are actually nonsense.

  • pinormous

    I think it's kinda funny how these came into existence. Someone created a doctored video of a Qi charger doing this exact thing and it went semi-viral. About 5 months later, they started showing up on Chinese sites, and American sites followed a few months after that.
    One person had an idea and the ability to show it, someone else saw it and had the ability and connections to produce it.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I never cared for Yugi-Oh.

  • Was anyone else expecting a FMA version to pop up in the ad?

  • ngoc

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