Heavily Modified 1,300HP BMW Sets World Record For Fastest Car On Ice At 215.5MPH

March 5, 2019

This is a video of a very heavily modified 1,300HP BMW E30 M3 blasting across the ice at the recent Speed Week event in Årsunda, Sweden, and topping out at a record-breaking 346.82km/h (215.50MPH). That's fast. Some might even argue too fast, but clearly those people clearly don't have THE NEED FOR SPEED like I do. "Says the kid who constantly yells at his school bus driver to slow down." Mrs. Wright drives like a maniac! I'm trying to sell candy back here, nobody wants to buy a handful of Runts that have been rolling around on the bus floor. "I'll give you a quarter for all th--" I'M NOT SELLING JUST THE BANANAS.

Keep going for the video, which includes driver's view, rear view and outside footage of the run.

Thanks to Marc B, who agrees if all those Ice Road Truckers drove this fast the ice wouldn't have time to crack and break.

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