Feeding Frenzy: A Video Of Two Ducks Going Nuts Over A Bowl Of Peas

March 7, 2019

Note: Gif is not sped up.

This is a short video of two ducks going absolutely bonkers over a bowl full of peas. Who knew? A fair amount of people probably. So the next time you want to go down to the pond and really makes some friends, bring peas instead of bread. You're not even supposed to feed ducks bread anyways, it isn't good for them, just like the crust of bread isn't good for me. *opens lunch bag, sees crust has not been removed from sandwich AND it's cut lengthways instead of into triangles* My mom is a monster.

Keep going for the whole video while I destroy a bowl of SpaghettiOs in the same fashion.

Thanks to Allysa and Stephanie B, who agree mixing peas into your mashed potatoes with a bunch of butter is one of life's simple pleasures.

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