Damn, Mother Nature: Giant Tarantula Drags Opossum Away For Dinner

March 1, 2019


Because the circle of life for this young opossum was little more than a 15-degree arc, this is a video of a large tarantula dragging a opossum away to eat. The footage, captured during an ecological study by the University of Michigan in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, is believed to be the first, and hopefully last, documentation of tarantulas preying on opossums. Granted that's a very small opossum, but if it were any larger and the tarantula was still dragging it away, I'd say it's time we reevaluate the worldwide spider threat and do something about it. My vote, just like in every other election, is for flamethrowers.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Torias K, who agrees sometimes Mother Nature forgets humanity has cameras set up everywhere and tries to pull some shit.

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