Cool: Custom Arcade Cabinet Inspired Sofas

March 28, 2019


These are several examples of the custom early 90's arcade cabinet inspired sofas built by Paris, France based design studio Harow. The sofas can be completely customized by size, cushion color, art, and neon, although you have to contact them for prices, which means they're probably so expensive it would be cheaper to just make your own, even if you don't own any tools and have to buy them, and have zero woodworking, sewing or neon light-making skills and have to learn by trail and error. Give it a couple years though, and you'll have something that looks just like this. Plus a real sense of accomplishment. And isn't that what living a rewarding life is all about? "A sense of accomplishment?" No clue, I've never felt it before.

Keep going for a handful more examples of the possibilities.








Thanks to Andrew P, who informed me he prefers a sofa you can just throw yourself down on with risking bruising yourself all over. Thank you, I'll remember that.

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