Cool: An All Black And White (And Grey) Official Steamboat Willie LEGO Set

March 22, 2019


Coming April 1st (and not as an April Fools' joke), this is the Steamboat Willie set being released by LEGO ($90). The 791-piece set is entirely black and white and grey and includes "hidden wheels, moving steam pipes, rotating paddle wheels, adjustable crane and assorted elements including the 'S.S. Willie' boat name sign, '1928' year sign and a 'potato bin'. The boat's bridge has space for a minifigure, a brick-built bell and assorted elements including the ship's wheel and life buoy. The 2 steam pipes move up and down and the 2 paddle wheels rotate when the boat is pushed along." That's cool, I'm cool with all that. What I'm a little less cool with is the price tag. And what I'm not cool at all with? "All your coworkers and every roommate you've ever had, ever." FACT. I've burned a lot of bridges in my life, and *sighing deeply* if I could go back and do it all over again, I never would have built those bridges in the first place, just catapulted flaming garbage across the river. "Wow -- strong opinions, GW." Thanks I've been working out.

Keep going for a bunch more shots.








Thanks again to hairless (that was your second tip today, right?), who agrees that, while not canon, Minnie is a nice addition to the set.

  • Megatron Jenkins
  • Eric Ord

    u mad?

  • Megatron Jenkins

    About what?

  • sylvia

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  • Munihausen
  • GeneralDisorder

    Nobody knew at the time but SS Willie turned out to be a Nazi dick...

  • Munihausen
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