Cat Plays With Newton's Cradle Desktop Toy

March 21, 2019


This is a video of Pickle the rescue cat seemingly understanding and playing with a Newton's Cradle desktop toy. Some more info from Pickle's caretaker while I try to untangle all the balls on mine (I go absolutely nuts on that thing sometimes, like I'm trying to send a friend over the top bar of a swing set):

[Pickle] e has no front teeth so he is unable to keep his tongue inside his mouth making him even cuter. ... Pickle did it all on his own and started playing with the Newton's Cradle. At first, he was just trying to eat the balls and then realized when he lets go, it starts swinging. He then didn't stop doing it and also started to pick up when he had done it wrong, as you can see in the video and stopped the swinging, trying again.

Admittedly, he does seem to know what he's doing. Now I'm not saying this cat understands physics, but I'm also not saying I understand physics. Or any of the other sciences or math, although based on a series of Youtube videos I was watching last night at 4AM I am convinced there are at least 26 dimensions.

Keep going for the video (which does contain an f-bomb at 0:10 which I mistook for one of my own coworkers at first), and try to tell me that isn't the face of a genius.

Thanks to Daniel C, who agrees sometimes at work you just need to pour a cocktail for you and your little drinking bird desktop toy to share and de-stress for a couple hours.

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