Another Day, Another Adult Falling Through The Trampoline Nets At An Indoor Playground

March 25, 2019

Because why should children get to have all the fun on a playground designed specifically for their size and weight, this is a video of an adult man falling through the trampoline netting at a children's indoor playpark (previously: this lady who did the same thing and almost took a kid out like Dorothy's house did the Wicked With Of The East). Wait, so was this a little AFTER HOURS party? Because I don't see anybody else in there. How do you get the run of an entire indoor playground all by yourself? "You sound jealous, GW." Well I'm not, I'm only jealous of one thing. "Please don't say my office chair." Come on, you know I finally came to terms with that.

Keep going for the video while I speculate just how little time is going to pass until somebody seriously injures themselves doing this.
A little help over here.

Thanks to Luc, who agrees the noises some of those nets made sounded like they were really suffering.

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