A Video About The Lykoi, A Newly Recognized Breed Of Cat That Look Like Little Werewolves

March 25, 2019


This is a ten minute video from "British online wildlife show" Animal Watch discussing the Lykoi (Greek for wolf), a new officially recognized breed of cat that's the result of a natural mutation that causes only sparse hair growth, including around the face (previously seen HERE). Some more info while I telepathically let my cats at home know I love them and to please try to keep the turds in the litterbox:

The Lykoi, also referred to as the 'werewolf cat', is a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired cat. Lykoi has a similar appearance of a werewolf, hence its nickname. The name Lykoi Cat roughly means Wolf Cat in Greek. This natural mutation is said to have occurred in domestic cats for the past two decades. ...Numerous tests were carried out on the cats to determine whether they have any health problems or diseases that could have caused the mutation. It was discovered that the cats come from a natural mutation and the Lykoi breeding program began. In September 2011, the first-ever Lykoi to Lykoi breeding cat was born.

Admittedly, werewolf cats are cool, but so is adopting a regular cat from a shelter. Plus you don't have to worry about those ones craving raw meat every full moon. Hoho, Remus Lupin knows what I'm talking about! "UNCHAIN ME THIS INSTANT." Haha, not until you score me a date with Professor McGonagall like you promised. "I asked, she said she's too old and doesn't have any interest." Tell her my Patronus is a mobility scooter.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Anne, who wants to know if they meow at the full moon.

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