Woodworker Builds His Own Automatic Dog-Petting Machine

February 11, 2019

Because dogs demand the pets 24/7, this is a video demonstration of the automatic dog-petting machine built by Michigan woodworker Matt Thompson, who's probably best known for his automatic beer-dispensing wooden lawn chair that's so beautiful I weep every time I see it, which is often because I stapled a picture of it to my forehead facing my eyeballs. In his own words:

My Automatic Dog Petter 🐶 Modeled by my two pups, Bonnie & Clyde

Humans have massage chairs so why shouldn't our pets have petting machines? I gave it a Rube Goldberg style flare to make it interesting to watch.

Bonnie looks like she enjoys it, but Clyde, well, he looks a little too short to enjoy it without getting a lift. Obviously, he needs to learn to ride on Bonnie's back like I see in all the other dog videos I shamefully waste my time watching on Youtube. "Shamefully? Waste?!" I want HR to feel like I'm showing remorse.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to K Diddie and Cass, who agree dogs are the best, even the terrible ones like mine.

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