Whee!: Ice Fisherman Slides Past Hole After Getting A Bite

February 13, 2019


In valiant effort news, this is a short video of an ice fisherman who, noticing he's gotten a bite, slides in to grab his reel and misses. I thought it was mildly humorous, I only wish the video was longer so I could see what was on the other end of the line. My guess is an ice shark, but I'm also a terrible guesser and was fired from guessing peoples' weights at the carnival after my first day for giving away too many giant stuffed animals. Apparently I offended a lot of people too.

Keep going for the video. At least he tagged the base.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees the one thing you want to avoid catching while ice fishing is a cold. Or merpeople -- our relationship is already strained enough with the way we've been treating the oceans.

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