Video Of A Real-Life Robotech Mecha Transforming

February 15, 2019

This is a shaky video of a Macross (english adaptation Robotech) VF-1S mecha transforming at a previous Beijing Comic Convention. The all-metal 1/9 scale model was created by artist Sun Shiqian and transforms back and forth from its two forms all on its own. I know, I thought it was the Decepticon's Starscream at first too. It's not though, it's a Robotech VF-1S mecha. I'll admit, I'm not that familiar with the Robotech franchise. With the local Dairy Queen franchises? All the owners know me by name. And that name, of course, is -- "Sir Eatalot?" IT'S THE BLIZZARD KING, JERK.

Keep going for a couple shots of the mecha and the video of its transformation, which is really just the gif in higher quality.



Thanks to my good pal/worst enemy Terry, who I will undoubtedly have to mech battle to the death one day. The future just isn't big enough for the two of us.

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