Valuable Information: Man Demonstrates The Karate Chop-ability Of Various Pillow Inserts

February 22, 2019

This is a fascinating older video (I've watched it three times all the way through already and I never do that) of a man with a very clear passion for pillows discussing the various aspects of different pillow inserts, and in particular their karate chop-ability, presumably because you never know when there could be a ninja hiding in your pillow.

Keep going for the video, which may or may not have just been added to my fetish bookmarks (it was). Also, I like how he makes it crystal clear at the beginning of the video the websites are and with no e in the middle, because those would obviously be websites for entirely different kinds of pillows.

Thanks to Mikey V, who agrees the key is to strike the pillow in complete silence so you can hear whether the ninja inside winces.

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