Two Guys Demonstrate How Not To Tow A Car (Tow Strap In Trunk And Under Hood)

February 8, 2019


This is a video of a couple of brainiacs in Davenport, Iowa (I think my buddy Tyler is from there -- remind me to ask him) trying to tow a car out of a ditch BY SHUTTING ONE END OF A TOW STRAP IN THE CAR'S TRUNK AND THE OTHER UNDER A JEEP'S HOOD. This is exactly why you call AAA and not DDD when you have car trouble. Unsurprisingly, the tow does not go very well, and the hood of the Jeep starts to rip off. Wow. No word how these geniuses think you're supposed to remove a tire that needs changing, but I suspect it involves driving really fast in reverse.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to oscar, who agrees everybody knows your best tow-point is a side view mirror.

  • Comp Fox

    Vertical Video Syndrome

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    Here's an idea: Get out and help

  • Eric Ord

    Maybe they're helping the viewers at home by filming

  • Nick Pappagiorgio

    My favorite towing accident happened right outside of the street that turns into my mom's neighborhood. I was going to the gas station one day to get a refill on a 64oz thirst buster, and coming down the hill to my right was a pickup towing a sedan, by the bottom of the hill they were going like 50mph in 35 zone and the car in the back wasn't braking for some reason, but the truck in front sure as shit decided to!

    WHAM! The sedan plowed right into the back of the pickup. Remember folks, when being towed by your buddy with a tow strap, you're responsible for slowing the wagon train, not the guy in front.

    This was in the time before camera phones became prolific, and tbh I wouldn't have been able to capture it without a dash cam.

  • Eric Ord

    They shouldn't call it a dash cam if you're not actually dashing.

  • sizzlepants

    That was a terrible video. No one needs to watch it. Ever. The two pics at the top and the words are all anyone needs. Vertical. Shaky. Through a snow covered window. Like the "smart" one forgot they were filming.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Meh, tbh that's my approach to 90% of Geekologie videos. Really, the write-ups are pretty good most of the time.

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