The Pizza Pocket Hoodie: A Hoodie With A Removable, Insulated Pouch For Carrying Pizza Slices

February 28, 2019

Because human achievement isn't going to pinnacle itself, this is the Kickstarter campaign for the ~$55 Pizza Pocket Hoodie, a hoodie with a triangular zippered pocket on the front that's made to store its specially insulated, removable (and hand-washable) pizza slice carrying pouch (which also has a magnetic closure to keep the heat in). I want one, but I'm kind of concerned -- I mean how many days in a row is too many days in a row to wear a Pizza Pocket Hoodie? "Nice try, GW, but I recognize a trick question when I hear one." Haha, you thought about it for a second though, admit it.

Keep going for several more shots and an As Seen On TV style commercial.




Thanks to Irina A, who agrees we're one step closer to a hoodie with an integrated air fryer for reheating pizza wherever you want.

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