Darker Than Dark: The New Blackest Paint Available (Unless You're Artist Anish Kapoor)

February 11, 2019

This is the already funded Kickstarter campaign for Black 3.0, the world's new darkest black paint created by a team led by artist Stuart Semple. A 150ml bottle will cost you about $32 through the campaign, unless, of course, you're artist Anish Kapoor. For those unfamiliar with the two artists' feud, basically back in 2016 Kapoor obtained exclusive rights for the artistic use of Vantablack, the previously blackest paint, and Semple thought that was unfair. Semple then created the brightest pink paint pigment ever and made it available to everyone but Kapoor, but Kapoor did his hands on some, and snapped a shot of him flipping the bird after dipping his finger in it. Fast forward to today, when I question whether two grown men who spend so much time, effort and money concerned with who can or can't use a gimmicky black paint are even artists anyways. I'm just saying, it doesn't take the world's blackest black to paint a tasteful nude.

Keep going for the Kickstarter video. And FULL DISCLOSURE: yes, I did buy a tube.

Thanks to Aaron, who agrees the blackest black ever has been and always will be the color of an ex's heart.

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