Super Mario Fire Flower Garden Statue

February 22, 2019


This is the $25 Super Mario Fire Flower Garden Statue designed and sold by ThinkGeek. The 12-inch resin statue weighs 3.5 pounds and would look perfect tucked into a flower bed. Not to brag or anything, but I'm somewhat of an accomplished gardener myself. "What do you grow, weeds?" What are you, a cop? "I said weeds, not weed." Oh, no -- just my own vegetables for the most part. Why buy it when you can grow it, that's my motto. "Is it though?" Man, I haven't grown anything since that last inch in college, and that was really only a quarter-inch that I've lied about on my driver's license ever since."

Keep going for a couple more shots in case you were curious what the back looks like. SPOILER: just like you'd expect.



Thanks to carey, who agrees Super Mario garden ornaments are a slippery slope. One minute you're buying a single fire flower, and the next you've got a whole garden full of piranha plants and vines to secret cloud areas.

  • Tigerh8r

    If it would shoot fireballs at my neighbor's dog when it's pooping in my yard DESPITE THE LEASH LAW I would totally buy it.

  • Blame the neighbor, not the dog.
    Always shoot your fireballs at human targets....

  • Cinderella

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  • Wooder

    Yeah that will just blend in perfectly with my garden...NOT!

  • Wayne Campbell from that you?
    Or perhaps Joey & Scott from Anthrax circa 1987?

  • Geekologie

    life isn't all about blending in you know

  • Life is about precisely the opposite... ;-)

  • Munihausen

    Pretty cool. Could use a transvestite lizard (?) to shoot eggs from its nose at me IRL a bit more, though.

  • How can a lizard be a transvestite?
    They don't wear clothes in the first place...

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