Sounds Excessive: Startup Aims To Roast Coffee In Space, Charge $200 - $400 A Cup

February 22, 2019


Conceived by Dubai based entrepreneur Hatem Alkhafaji, Space Roasters is a company that aims to roast coffee beans in space because apparently that's something that will justify a $200 - $400 per cup price tag, which I actually believe because how successful are you really if you haven't tasted space brew? *lifts cup with pinky out* Filthy peasants. Some more info about the roasting process:

The collaboration aims to produce the perfect roast by shooting a capsule in space and using the heat of its re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere to roast the beans at the most appropriate temperatures. The coffee beans will float inside it in a pressurized tank in a zero-gravity heated oven so that they can be evenly roasted with 360-degree heat distribution and other suitable settings. The capsule (christened as the Coffee Roasting Capsule) will be launched next year and will carry 300kg of coffee beans that would be fired on a rocket to a height of around 200km for the perfect brews.

Will the space roasting actually make a difference? Because I feel like the quality of beans you start with would make a bigger difference than whether they're brewed in space or not.
Now I love space and coffee as much as the next person who daydreams about both constantly, but $200 - $400 a cup? "Wait -- now when you say daydream do you mean daydream OR FANTASIZE?" What's the difference? "Usually boners." Okay these are definitely fantasies.

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to v, who agrees moon brew is really where it's at.

  • What a load of crap.
    This thing wont get high enough to be zero gravity.

  • David Evans

    As soon as it re-enters the atmosphere it will be slowed down by atmospheric drag. The beans will all settle at the front end long before the temperature gets high enough to roast them. The whole thing is nonsense.

  • Doog

    Hatem Alkhafaji sounds less like a real name and more like random letters hit on a keyboard

  • Bling Nye

    "Conceived by Dubai based entrepreneur Hatem Alkhafaji..."

    And there it is. Fuckzillionaires gotta spend money on something.

  • Munihausen

    Of course its from Dubai.

  • Al

    Seems like an environmentally sound investment and use for rockets/fuel etc...

  • Not if they use a giant catapult!

  • GeneralDisorder

    Depends on the rocket fuel you use. It's possible to use solar power to split water into hydroxygas. Or... you could separate hydrogen and oxygen. But then you have to superchill them or super-compress to get enough power to get into orbit. Cryo-tanks are pretty dangerous especially if there's an unexpected increase in heat during fueling.

    Of course liquid hydrogen is insanely cold and liquid oxygen is also insanely cold. So you get some potential issues due to how delicate cryo-tanks are.

  • Cinderella

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