Star Wars: Always, A Five-Minute Trailer For The Entire Franchise Using Clips From All Ten Films

February 27, 2019

Created by actor Topher Grace and video game editor Jeff Yorkes "while their wives were out of town one weekend", this is 'Star Wars: Always', a five-minute trailer for the entire Star Wars franchise using clips from all ten existing films (episodes 1 - 8 plus some Rogue One and Solo). The trailer is fine, but I was more excited to know a couple dudes weren't afraid to live life to the fullest while their significant others were out of town. Or -- OR -- did they actually piece the trailer together over the last few months knowing their wives were going out of town, and just pretended this his how they spent their weekend? "Not everyone is a pathological liar like you, GW." Oh no? Then how do you explain this photo of the two partying in Mexico? "It's Photoshopped." No it's not. "It's also Tobey Maguire and Thom Yorke from Radiohead." Ahahahahaha, I should have paid more attention what I was Googling.

Keep going for the trailer.

Thanks to Jacoby and Nathaniel, who agree that Star Wars, will, in fact, probably last forever.

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