Sadness: Video Of Mother Hand-Feeding 13-Year Old Son At Internet Cafe As He Games For Days Straight

February 27, 2019


This is a video of 37-year old mother Lilybeth Marvel going to hand-feed her son Carlito breakfast at an internet cafe in Nueva Ecija, the Philippines, as he plays his favorite battle royale style video game, Rules Of Survival, which, at this point, he's been playing for over 48 hours straight. Some more info while I wonder why his mother didn't teach him the REAL first rule of survival: if you don't stop playing video games long enough to eat, you're going to starve to death:

After the footage went viral, the mother took to the internet to explain that she and her husband had tried a rough approach at first, by banning Carlito from going to the internet cafe. That didn't work out as well as they had hoped, as the 13-year-old always found ways to sneak out, so now they're trying to do things differently.

"I used to just nag about his online games. But that didn't work. So I'm trying a different approach," the woman said. "I try to make him feel that whatever is happening in his life, I am his mother who loves him and takes care of him."

The two desperate parents have pulled Carlito out of school, because he had started skipping classes to play video games. They are trying to focus on managing his addiction, but admit that it is very difficult and have pleaded online for help.

Well that was a whole family-sized microwavable dinner of depressing. So what is the answer here? Like, what will actually work? I know you're used to me having all the answers on account of my keen intellect and devilish good looks, but I'm actually at a loss here. "Call Ralph, demand he breaks the internet again." *mind is blown, reforms like a star being born, is blown again* My God you're good.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees breaking free from any addiction is a battle.

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