Russian Cargo Ship Crashes Into Korean Highway Bridge

February 28, 2019


Wide open seas? Check. Okay cool let's hit that bridge.

This is a video from South Korea of a Russian cargo ship slow-speed crashing into part of the Gwangandaegyo (aka the Diamond Bridge, the same one seen in Black Panther) while trying to...actually I'm not sure what it was trying to do. Apparently not avoid crashing into bridges hard enough though. The ship's captain (whose name has been withheld) was identified as being 'slightly intoxicated' when the accident happened, which I assume is Russian for pass-out wasted, like the same kind of drunk you'd get before working on a roof or with high-voltage electricity.

Keep going for the video. And thankfully there were no injuries reported except to the ship and to the captain's job prospects.

Thanks to JD, who agrees that bridge must have come out of nowhere.

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