Pet Ball Python Steadily Rotating An Empty Box As It Slithering Around The Outside

February 27, 2019

This is a short, mesmerizing video of somebody's pet ball python morph causing a box to steadily rotate as it slithers around the box's exterior. Um, was I just hypnotized? Because *taking shirt off* I feel like I was just hypnotized. "You weren't hypnotized." Then why is my shirt off? "You just took it off." I don't remember doing that. And why is your shirt on? "We're not rubbing our nipples together for good luck again if that's what you're getting at." OH COME ON I HAVE A KICKBALL GAME TONIGHT.

Keep going for the video in 17-second long form.

Thanks again to Nathaniel, who agrees hypnosnake will eat your candy bar variety pack then your soul. Just kidding probably just mice.

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