Ouch: Man Bites It Hard On Black Ice, Launches Both His Slippers

February 13, 2019

This is a short home security cam video of a man presumably going to check his mail when he hits a spot of black ice at the top of his driveway, launching both his slippers into the air and sliding all the way down to the street. The way he's holding his back when he gets up -- I'm guessing that didn't feel like a hot stone massage. Still, he's lucky he didn't crack his skull open on that little brick wall, because he came EXTREMELY close. So -- you think he herniated a disc or what? Because I herniated a disc working out not too long ago, and I was crooked to the left for a couple days until I went to the chiropractor. "You're lying, GW." How do you know? "Working out?" First of all, trying to carry all the groceries inside in one trip is a workout. Secondly, I'm actually in great physical form for somebody my age. "A human?" Okay now I never said that.

Keep going for the whole video, complete with painful aftermath. He doesn't even bother checking the mail. Also, I like how his wife does tell him to not do that like he just meant to almost die.

Thanks again to MSA, who agrees all those unpaid bills and credit card offers probably weren't worth the pain.

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