Okay: Dog Squirt-Guns Water Out Keister After A Swim

February 7, 2019

This is a short video from Avalon Beach, New South Wales, Australia, of a dog high-pressure spraying some water out of its anus after taking a swim. Some more info while I hope nobody has ever witnessed me do the same, even though I'm positive it's already happened more times than I can count:

"My puppy was swimming and playing fetch in the water. When dogs swim, water can enter their anal cavity. My dog was standing on a pier barking for her ball to be thrown and as she barked, water squirted from her backside."

Wait -- water can enter a dog's anal cavity when it swims? *hammering 'NO DOGS ALLOWED' sign in ground next to kiddie pool in front yard* This is where daddy drinks his cold ones and yells at traffic in the summer, I'm not trying to marinate in dog anal water. What I am trying to do is rent this dog for the next neighborhood water gun fight. Sooooo....you guys just wanna call me the winner or do you actually want to experience this?

Keep going for the video while I speculate if 7:30AM is too early to have already had more than your recommended daily allowance of internet for one day.

Thanks to Ian, but only kind of.

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