Oh Wow: A 3-D Valentine's Day Zoetrope Made With Yarn

February 14, 2019

This is a video of the large zoetrope made for Valentine's Day (Happy Valentine's Day, I love you!) by filmmaker Sam Tilson and yarn artist London Kaye that features a volcano dripping hearts down to milk boxes, which in turn squirt hearts from their straws into the cups of coffee below. Cute! But enough about zoetropes -- where are you taking me tonight and how fancy should I dress? Are we going dancing afterwards? That was a trick question, I hate dancing and I'm definitely not dancing with a belly full of steak and lobster. "Settle for Burger King and a co-op Playstation game?" *blushing* It's like you can read my heart as easy as the wall of a bathroom stall.

Keep going for the whole video (which includes closeups of all the elements) while I put my PJ's on and wait for you to show up with the BK.

Thanks to becca b, who agrees homemade valentines are the best valentines, especially if they include homemade coupons.

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