Official Elder Scrolls Cookbook Available For Pre-Order

February 6, 2019


This is the officially licensed Elder Scrolls Cookbook available for pre-order (shipping in March, currently $23 on Amazon, $35 on Bethesda's official site). The hardcover cookbook contains 192 pages with over 60 recipes from Skyrim, Morrowind, and across Tamriel. That's cool, but when I was wandering around Skyrim I didn't have time to cook, I just ate on the run, usually in the form of horker meat or raw beef. Although I did try to eat several giant's toes, but apparently they're for potion brewing only and not snacking on jerky-style. Ooooh -- and one time I did find a red apple at the very bottom of a falmer infested cave but come on, I don't know where that's been. Apples don't grow in caves, I know that.

Keep going for a look inside the book while I reminisce about all the crazy shit I ate playing Fallout games. I was a real foodie.












Thanks to agrees there's just nothing quite like the smell of a fresh bowl of mammoth cheese.

  • Smartik1

    They lost me at "preheat the oven".

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Will it show how to make mammoth cheese? Or the Potage le magnifique for the emperor, with a pinch of frost salts, some vampire dust and a giant's toe... or some Chaurus eggs if you haven't cleared the vampires in your area.

  • saturnina

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  • DiCE

    Just Preordered

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