My My!: A Map Of The Lewdest Sounding Town In Each US State

February 13, 2019


This is a map of the US showing what the folks at real estate website Estately believe to be the lewdest sounding town in the state. Obviously it's subjective, and what sounds lewdest to one person might sound quite tame to another. Personally, I don't find any of these that lewd and I wouldn't hesitate to say any one of them out loud at the family dinner table. "Just go to your room now." Mom! It's not even 2PM. "Just go and stay there forever." But-- "Enough with the butt talk, now to your room before I have to go find a bar--" Of soap? "No, just a bar to drink at in peace away from you. I could stay there for days."

Note: You can go HERE to read a bunch of runner-ups for each state.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees these town namers clearly didn't have nearly dirty enough minds.

  • SE Pepper

    Due south off the Florida coast at the Everglades' Flamingo Visitor Center, is a small uninhabited key called Dildo Key (see at link https://upload.wikimedia.or... ). Just west of it is Johnson Key....

  • Auntie Mumpsimus

    Missouri also has a Dick Lick Springs.

  • Davianna

    I feel like Blue Balls, PA is funnier than Intercourse.

  • Eric Ross

    "Big Bone" in Kentucky includes the even better named "Big Bone Lick State Park"

  • Megatron Jenkins

    Bald Knob in Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I forgot about Blue Ball, MD. I believe it's very close to Accident, MD.

    Another notable geographic landmark... Gobbler's Knob (Punxsatawney, PA where the dumb-ass groundpig lives). It's either named after turkeys or the surname Gobbler (which is also spelled Gabler in some places... like my high school driver's ed teacher Dick Gabler!)

    Edit:So apparently Accident is a 3 hour drive from Blue Knob... That's a damned shame.

  • Draco Basileus

    Good to see that Pee Pee Township is just below Dick.

    Is it me, or is the whole Great Lakes area anatomically correct in its alignment?

    Floyd's Knobs
    Pee Pee Town

  • Zoidbert

    Are you kidding me? AR (Arkansas) has a town called Toad Suck and they picked "Weiner"? Hell, there's even Bald Knob and Blue Ball.

  • Megatron Jenkins

    There's like three states with a Bald Knob, lmao!

  • Shemika

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  • adam3w

    It's a peak rather than a town, but here in Utah we have Gobbler's Knob.

  • Bling Nye

    There's similarly a "Little Squaw Humper" table, and creek, in South Dakota.

  • Ollie Williams

    Rough & Ready? Now we're talkin'.

  • Munihausen

    Sugar Tit, ftw.

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