Mom Films Son Trying To Pump Gas For The First Time

February 23, 2019


This is a video from Woodville, Texas (I feel like I could have guessed that based on the video content and accents) of a teen boy pumping gas for the very first time in his life. Me? *inhales deeply, reminisces fondly* I started pumping gas when I still spent most of my time in a stroller. Some more info:

"This was my son's first time pumping gas. It was very cold that day and my son wanted to help me out by getting out in the cold instead of me. That's when I realized he had never been taught to pump gas. We did go back a few days later and he got it on the first try. We were in a small town in Texas after baseball practice."

Man, how does a kid that old not know how to pump gas? Has he never watched anybody? Do people usually just ladle their gas out of a well in Woodville, Texas? And that handle replacement -- did he forget how it looked when he found it? Now call me old fashioned, but I feel teaching someone how to pump gas or defuse a bomb by trial-and-error might not be the most effective, or safe, learning technique. 2/5 stars, still wish I could have been there to smell it.

Keep going for the video, he really does seem like a good kid.

Thanks to Jackson, who, like me, never learned how to pump gas -- it was pure instinct.

  • Scotty J

    That is how I am leaving the nozzle from this day forward.

  • Talon184

    I don't guess I was ever officially taught how to pump gas. I just watched my parents whenever they would pump gas and one day my dad asked if I wanted to try. I did exactly what I'd seen them do a thousand times and got back in the car.

  • PUNX

    I am from Texas and my 9yr old know how to pump gas and he also likes to shift the gears in my car when im driving. Oh and when I watched I thought these people were from Tennessee or some other hick place..

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    a few days later, on his second try, he got it on the first try. congrats!

  • James Hood

    In other news... parent ridicules son on the internet for not knowing how to do something the parent never taught him to do.

  • Closet Nerd

    I'd like to think my son would be able to pump the gas...
    But i've also told him to put clothes in the dryer, and he would put the clothes in, but never started the dryer....

  • Corky McButterpants

    Not the first young man that doesn't know which hole to stick it in!

  • Octo

    I'm 37 an I've pumped gas less than a dozen times in my life. I have a licence but never really had the need of a car.

  • Douchy McDouche

    Can't wait for mom's video of him trying to have sex for the first time. Gonna be a real knee-slapper.

  • Mysterio Don Lefluerflin

    Fuck, this kid is going to get a job somewhere, and more than likely be a father one day. I mean, zero problem solving, zero sense, zero awareness. Fuck.

  • FearlessFarris

    Man, basically the entire state of Oregon recently had to learn how to pump gas for themselves for the first time. There are a lot of grown adults who did worse than this kid. You can find some videos and articles if you google it--pretty comical.

  • Eric Ord

    "zero problem solving"

    Gas is famously flammable. How does he know he's not going to accidentally spill it somewhere? He can take guesses, even educated guesses, but it's not immediately obvious it's not going to have significant, negative consequences.

  • Captain Obvious

    > It was very cold

    Said a person in short at 10 degrees.

    Try to put gas at minus 35 and you will suddenly realize you didn't know what cold really meant.

  • GeneralDisorder

    My 6 year old knows how to pump gas. I won't let her because she's 6 and state law says you can't if you're not 16.

    But you know what this video says to me more than anything... That this mother is terrible at teaching.

  • OR that kid is quite stupid.

  • GeneralDisorder

    That kid's definitely not bright but with instructions like "put the thing in the thing"...

    The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

  • Bling Nye
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  • Eric Ord

    This reminds me of me looking at Geekologie posts on Saturdays

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