Mom Films Son Trying To Pump Gas For The First Time

February 23, 2019


This is a video from Woodville, Texas (I feel like I could have guessed that based on the video content and accents) of a teen boy pumping gas for the very first time in his life. Me? *inhales deeply, reminisces fondly* I started pumping gas when I still spent most of my time in a stroller. Some more info:

"This was my son's first time pumping gas. It was very cold that day and my son wanted to help me out by getting out in the cold instead of me. That's when I realized he had never been taught to pump gas. We did go back a few days later and he got it on the first try. We were in a small town in Texas after baseball practice."

Man, how does a kid that old not know how to pump gas? Has he never watched anybody? Do people usually just ladle their gas out of a well in Woodville, Texas? And that handle replacement -- did he forget how it looked when he found it? Now call me old fashioned, but I feel teaching someone how to pump gas or defuse a bomb by trial-and-error might not be the most effective, or safe, learning technique. 2/5 stars, still wish I could have been there to smell it.

Keep going for the video, he really does seem like a good kid.

Thanks to Jackson, who, like me, never learned how to pump gas -- it was pure instinct.

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