Meanwhile In Russia: Towing A Bus With A Log Ski For A Wheel

February 27, 2019

Because sometimes you get a bad connection and can't hear what MacGyver is telling you to do when you call him for advice (did he say a log?), this is a video from Russia of a bus being towed with a wooden ski for a wheel. Or, who knows, maybe MacGyver really did tell them to use a log, it does appear to be working. The four cups of coffee I've already had this morning? Not so much. *coworker snickering* What the hell's so funny, Greg? "I switched your regular coffee with decaf!" Ahahahahahaha, good one! Kinda like how I switched all the project files you've been working on with memes. "Wait -- what?" *tosses a coupe empty boxes over cubicle wall* Good luck with that presentation this afternoon.

Keep going for the whole video, which unfortunately ends before friction causes the log to catch fire, which it almost certainly did. Also, do you think it started as a whole log that's been worn down or was it already split? Asking for a friend with a flat and no spare.

Thanks to The Great Al, who agrees clearly they couldn't find any plastic milk crates.

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