Lunch Time!: Timelapse Of Maggots Devouring A Whole Pizza In Two Hours

February 7, 2019

In terrible news for someone who only brought leftover pizza for lunch today *angrily slam plastic-wrapped paper plate in trash* this is a video of maggots devouring an entire cheese pizza in under two hours. Impressive, but I regularly do it way faster, and there's only one of me. "GW just how much do you weigh now, anyways?" Let's just say I'd be considered underweight on the moon, and very near a healthy weight for my height on Mars. "But you don't live on the moon or Mars." But I wish I did.

Keep going for the video (but skip to 0:30 for the pizza, and be thankful the compression of the video is so poor), which is probably best not watched on your lunch break, or any break, or at all, ever.

Thanks to hairless, but, just like for the tip before this one, only kind of.

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