Let's Move There: A Little Town Of Hundreds Of Vacant, Never Lived In Mini-Castles

February 12, 2019

These are a couple videos of the abandoned Burj al Babas subdivision in the Bolu province of Turkey, about halfway between Istanbul and the capital city of Ankura. A developer spent over $100-million building a good portion of what was going to be a total of 732 individual $400,000 - $500,000 mini castles before economic troubles caused the project to fall flat on its face, with the majority of buyers (about half of the houses built were under contract) pulling out of their deals. Now I'm not saying maybe you shouldn't have built hundreds of them right away, but sometimes it's better to start small and go from there. That said, I'd like to buy one. I mean I'm absolutely not going to pay $400,000 but *checks all assets* so what are the squatter's rights laws in Turkey like anyways?

Keep going for the videos of our new homes.

Thanks to Christopher C, who promised to go halfsies with me on a whole row of them provided we can get them for under $1,000.

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