KFC's Hybrid Colonel Sanders/Bearskin Rug Abominations

February 11, 2019


Just in time for Valentine's Day comes these Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders/faux bearskin rugs. Three of the rugs were given away in separate Reddit contests in which entrants had to draw, Photoshop, or write the rug into a scene. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back about my story, which is a shame because it had everything (namely insane boners, gravy, and greasy fingers -- the perfect ingredients for any good erotic short story and/or lunch). So....yeah -- if the photo looks like something you've ever fantasized about, just give me a minute to look through my phone and I'll text you my therapist's number.

Keep going for one more shot of a rug sans couple about to do the nasty nastiest.


Thanks to my friend Jackie, who agrees the rug should at least come with a supply of chocolate-covered popcorn chicken for feeding to your lover in front of a roaring fire.

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