Jump Force's Anime Characters Punch Giant Craters In Wall Of Tokyo's Shinjuku Station

February 25, 2019


To advertise the release of cross-franchise anime fighting game Jump Force on the PS4 (also available on XBox One and PC), these are the giant craters left in a wall of Tokyo's Shinjuku Station by Dragon Ball's Goku (using his Kamehameha attack), Luffy from One Piece (using his Gum-Gum Red Hawk attack), and Naruto using his Rasengan attack. Pretty cool. Of course I'm not saying I could punch an even BIGGER crater, but I'm pretty sure the hole in my kitchen wall speaks for itself. "There's barely a dent, and I'm pretty sure it says your roommate ate all your Totino's Pizza Rolls." And they were the new cheeseburger flavored ones too, I didn't even get to try them!

Keep going for a closeup of each plus a video because Nicholas just couldn't live without one.





Thanks to Kira Kage, who agrees a wall crater is generally an indication of a missed punch, or that you're fighting a wall.

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