Judge Fake People: A Hot Or Not Website For AI Generated Faces

February 28, 2019


Using the faces generated by an artificial intelligence program for the website Thispersondoesnotexist (previously posted here), Judge Fake People is a site that adds a hot or not feature to the fake faces so you can judge them all on attractiveness to your heart's content. You can also filter the faces by highest/lowest ratings, or most average. And isn't judging fake people one of the shared human experiences? Take my coworker Greg for example -- he acts like he's my friend but I know he's gone behind my back and tried to get me fired at least twice. "For valid reasons?" That depends -- is stealing a coworker's project and trying to pass it off as my own a valid reason?" "Yes." Then MAYBE.

Thanks to becca b, who made me briefly stop and consider maybe I'm the fake person before I laughed off the notion because I'm the realest person who's ever existed.

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